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An introduction to Social Intelligence Professionals

There’s not that much information out there for those who work with social data in a commercial organisation. At least, not clear, accurate info vetted by proven peers. That’s why we created DRJN and the Social Intelligence Lab. It’s the only destination for dedicated content, training and networking focused on people who work in social intelligence.

At DRJN you have access to key decision-makers using social data across research, insights, marketing, sales and customer service roles. That’s a lot of stakeholders right at your fingertips.

Some of the core content themes include social insights driven campaigns, audience insights, behavioural insight and targeting, social tools, integration of multiple data streams, plus analysis, measurement and interpretation – with focus on actionable the insights are.

We’re a practical resource and can connect you with some of the top minds in commercial social intelligence.

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Our Audience

Our audience is a mixture of senior decision-makers and end users of social tools in variety of different industries and geographies. So, we’re new to the market but our founder Dr Jillian Ney, has over a decade of experience in social intelligence and a large social audience. This means that we’re growing quickly – our popularity and membership is rising month on month! We offer our partners the opportunity to engage with professionals who have an active interest in social tools – the very audience you’re looking to target.
Who we work with

How we help our community

We were founded by Dr Jillian Ney because of her boundless enthusiasm for social intelligence.

Like many members of our Social Intelligence Lab, she has a drive to continually learn, develop and innovate. Her passion for social intelligence and behavioural science is the driving force behind DRJN and woven into everything we do.

If you have a solution that can help our community with their social data challenges then we’d love to hear from you.

Typical Challenge For Our Audience
  • Programme Buy in

    Many members need help making a business case for social intelligence programmes or extending programmes. They want proven results and methodologies to support their case across all business silos.

  • Establishing Teams

    Members are often unsure if they’re approaching social data challenges in the best way. And if they have the resources needed to develop their teams. They want best practice and strategy for setting up the infrastructure of their departments.

  • Inspiration & Innovation

    Members are always looking for innovative ways to use new data sources, tools and methods to stay one step ahead of the competition. They want fresh ways to use social data to closer to their customers.

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