Want to get better insights from your social tools?

Have you been thinking that there’s more you could be doing with your social listening tools? Maybe you’re a complete newbie and you want a bit or direction? Or even if you are tired of the focus on using Twitter data, then I have a workshop for you.

This is a chance for you to dip your toe into the world of social intelligence, assess your social listening status and get inspiration from seeing the huge potential for social media research.

If you’re a marketer or an insights person and you have been thinking:

  • I know there’s more I should be doing, I’m only scratching the surface on what’s possible
  • I’m done with social listening, the effort to analyse social data has outweighed the benefits I’ve received
  • I’m not sure it’s worth my time because we’ve only found insights we already knew
  • I’m tired of all the Twitter data, surely there is other data?
  • It takes too much time and all we’ve gotten are volumes and wordclouds
  • I’m intrigued by all this but I’m a little scared of too much commitment

Then let me show you what is possible with social intelligence. My process is simple – we focus on your business challenges and then structure your brand should be approaching social data analysis.

This is the quickest and easiest way to start working with me, and to get immediate return on your social tools. Full or half day workshops available. I can tailor the workshop to your brief or run one of our Inspiration Days (see below for details).

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Inspiration workshop
(full day)

I’ll join your team for a day and take you through an agenda a bit like this one:

Where are you now?

Who’s doing it better?

What do you need?

Brand Health Assessment

What could you do?

How to make it happen?

Workshop themes I also regularly cover:

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Customer Perception and Nudge:
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Customer Decision Making: How to Sell More:
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Looking to make your social tools work harder for you?

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