I’ve been posting a lot recently about generating actionable intelligence from social media conversations (see here and here for a flavour).  The question that people keep asking me is how to approach social media intelligence. To answer I’ve created this infographic to show what social intelligence should and shouldn’t be.

The issues surrounding social intelligence start with the definition, it is agreed that:

‘Social media intelligence dives deep into conversations that exist online, going beyond likes and retweets for a real glimpse into how consumers perceive a company or brand’

but if we take the definition first proposed by the father of social and emotional intelligence, Daniel Goleman:

‘Social intelligence means being smart in relationships by being empathetic, or being able to sense what others are feeling and their intentions’

then we see that social media analysis needs to go deeper into understanding behaviour, not just reporting, to create an understanding of how consumers’ feel and behave towards your brand, an event, topic or industry.

I’ve created this infographic to help start your journey to true social intelligence from social media conversations.

Dr Jillian 8 Steps to Social Media Intelligence