28th March 2016

The Uncomfortable Truths About Analysing Social Data

Do you feel like you are getting all the value you could from your social or other digital data? If you’re reading this, then I’d be willing to guess NO…
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Customer Insight TransformationLessons
3rd March 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Stop Measuring Social Media Buzz

The social media buzz chart (like the one below, we’ve probably all seen them before).  This chart provides a snapshot of the volume of buzz for a particular brand, topic,…
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Content TransformationLessons
18th February 2016

3 Tools that will Supercharge Emotion in Your Content Immediately

Back in January I wrote a blog about why yelling on social media doesn’t work, in this blog I discussed the merits of using emotion in written copy to win…
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Data TransformationLessons
28th January 2016

Think You’re Insight Driven? How to Get More Insight From Your Social Data

Yesterday I was scrolling through LinkedIn and noticed a comment about data versus insight that was getting some attention – ‘99.999% of what we call an insight in advertising is…
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Content TransformationLessons
21st January 2016

Stop Yelling and Start Helping: 3 Reasons Why Yelling on Digital Doesn’t Work

You’ve probably heard of the psychological trick to ask someone for a small favour to get them on your side – cognitive dissonance makes them think that they like you…
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Content TransformationLessons
14th January 2016

4 Pro Behavioural Tips for Better Customer Engagement

Running successful customer engagement initiatives in the digital age is a lot of work, can be a little overwhelming and it demands a lot of attention.  However, as I’m sure…
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