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25th February 2016

How to Approach Social Intelligence in 8 Fool Proof Steps

I've been posting a lot recently about generating actionable intelligence from social media conversations (see here and here for a flavour).  The question that people keep asking me is how to approach social…
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Analysing and Interpreting DataTools
18th February 2016

3 Tools that will Supercharge Emotion in Your Content Immediately

Back in January I wrote a blog about why yelling on social media doesn’t work, in this blog I discussed the merits of using emotion in written copy to win…
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11th February 2016

Three Ways to Generate Better Marketing Intelligence Now

Last week my good friend Nikos Dimitriadis posted an article about marketing research becoming obsolete.  This article really struck a cord with me (it was change and insight based so…
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21st January 2016

Stop Yelling and Start Helping: 3 Reasons Why Yelling on Digital Doesn’t Work

You’ve probably heard of the psychological trick to ask someone for a small favour to get them on your side – cognitive dissonance makes them think that they like you…
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14th January 2016

4 Pro Behavioural Tips for Better Customer Engagement

Running successful customer engagement initiatives in the digital age is a lot of work, can be a little overwhelming and it demands a lot of attention.  However, as I’m sure…
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8th January 2016

[Infographic] Everyone’s Talking New Year’s Resolutions

You all know I believe that analysing social media conversations is an excellent market research and business intelligence tool.  I’ve committed this year (my New Year’s resolution, if you will)…
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