Creating a Content Ideas Engine

Want to constantly create share worthy, clickable content, that converts without sitting for hours looking for ideas inspiration?

Half-Day Workshop | 9:30am to 1pm

28th September 2017 | £75.00 (+VAT)

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Introducing: The Content Ideas Engine Workshop

Hello *waves*. I'm Dr Jillian, and you can join me, and my team in Glasgow on the 28th of September for a half-day workshop that’s going to transform how you come up with high converting content ideas.

No more sitting for hours looking for ideas inspiration. No more recycling someone else's content in the hope you get the same traction.

I guarantee that you’ll leave with at least 3 CONTENT IDEAS YOU CAN ACTION TODAY and a proven system that you can implement within the next month so YOU’LL NEVER RUN OUT OF SHARE WORTHY, CLICKABLE CONTENT AGAIN.

Why Attend?

You’re under pressure to constantly find ideas that excite your audience month after month. All the content marketing influencers are telling you that you NEED to be creating content and there NO EXCUSE not to be. But it’s just not working for you the way you want it to.

You spend time thinking about ideas, writing blogs, sourcing images, and promoting the heck out of content. But sometimes all you hear are crickets, and others you're getting a ton of traffic but it's not converting.

There are tools out there to help you with every part of the content journey from selecting the best content creators to automating publishing to measuring performance but no one helps you create a system to come up with high converting content ideas.

Well, that's about to change for you!

Just imagine…

    • Never having to worry about what you’re going to write about again because you always know what your customer needs to hear.
    • Knowing exactly who your audience is, what they are trying to achieve, and their buyer psychology.
    • Being able to link your content to your sales funnel in a way that doesn’t come across as sleazy or pushy.
    • Being able to link your brand messages into content without it looking like your desperate to sell.
    • Knowing how to turn content into paying sales, easily.

Working with Jillian has really pushed me as a marketer. I’m suddenly the one leading new ways of thinking about our customers and I’ve learnt to bring science and data into all our marketing decisions. I thought I’d reached my peak role but my career has progressed as a result of learning these skills and resources. My boss is continually impressed with the stuff I come back with.

Steph Content Manager to Senior Marketing Manager, FTSE 100 Bank

Who is Dr Jillian Ney?

I’m Dr Jillian Ney, a Digital Behavioural Scientist (and the UK’s first Dr of Social Media). For the past ten years I’ve been helping marketers to stop working on hunches by analysing social data to find out how their customers make decisions.

For years I was writing content that I found interesting but they never got the response I wanted. My lightbulb moment happened when I applied my own work in social intelligence to my own audience. I started to write more content based on my work and what my audience was trying to achieve at each stage of my sales funnel.

I started to write more content based on my work and what my audience was trying to achieve at each sales of my sales funnel.

This got quite a bit of attention. Influencers, social listening tools (who dominate my market), and media took notice. In the space of a few months I had working relationships with high profile people, I was invited to speak at NATO, visited 10 Downing Street, signed a FSTE 100 bank and a Premiership Football Club (to name a few). I was featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, MyCustomer.Com, and most recently had a Game of Thrones infographic published in Mashable.

The best bit is that I no longer struggle for content ideas, and I’ve been able to apply this process into the work that I do when creating workshops and deliver keynote speeches (that people remember for the right reasons)…

And, I want to show you how you can do this too.

On the day

In this half day workshop, you’ll learn about the science of decision-making and why it’s important in content marketing, and you’ll get the SIMPLE ways you can use search and social data to find out how your customers make decisions. I’ll give you a SIMPLE SYSTEM that helps you find out what content ideas help your audience reach their immediate goals so you add immediate value, and a way to get into your customers mind to create content that converts.

I don’t do death by PowerPoint (yuck) so you’ll have plenty of time to start working on the system and get content ideas you can action today. We’ll be working on:


We’ll look at your audience, define who they are and look at their behaviour, so we know who we are targeting, how they behave and what they are looking for. 


We’ll take a good look at your brand and deconstruct it [it’s not as scary as it sounds] so we know what we are working with.  This step is terribly important and often overlooked.


I’ll show you the free tool that takes less than five minutes to generate endless content ideas based on your audience’s behaviour and intent.

Buyer Psychology

We’ll look at data a little differently and find the sources of untapped insight that tell you all about your audience and what they are trying to achieve.


I’ll introduce the tools and approaches that I use with my private clients.  We’ll gather all the customer data you’ll ever need to create clickable, shareworthy content.


I’ll show you the simple metrics that I use to understand customer buying behaviour and explain how you can turn this insight into shareable, clickable content that converts. 

You’ll also take away…

    • The free [and paid for] tools that I use to find out what my audience needs to hear about.
    • Examples of 10 high converting blogs ideas that you can replicate, and why they work.
    • A system to create optimised social media content to drive organic traffic to your blogs.
    • The planner that I use with my clients to generate content ideas that meet their customers goals and motivations at each stage of their marketing funnel.

Content Myths

Are you falling prey to the Marking Your Own Homework Fallacy or the Easy Metrics Bias? It's so easy to fall into these traps with tools that help you to create and publish content….

Myth 1

A good content strategy is to look at what content worked best before and talk more about that subject.

Myth 2

A good content strategy is to look at what’s performing well for other people and create your own content on that topic.

Myth 3

A good content strategy is to find out what other interests my audience has and talk about them.

If you only ever talk about what’s worked before, you’re really just constantly recycling content – you’re marking your own homework. If you talk about your audience’s other interests you’re missing the psychological reason they are SEEKING YOU OUT and an opportunity to ADD VALUE.

During the workshop, you'll put a simple system into action that means you'll never fall for these content myths again!

I'm Going On Tour

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