I’m Dr Jillian Ney

The UK’s first Dr of Social Media,
a Digital behavioural Scientist,
Speaker and Author.

Here at DRJN, me and my team help marketers to stop working on hunches by analysing data to find out how their customers make decisions.

Marketers have so often been left underwhelmed by social insights.

Report after report showing nice graphs and wordclouds but nothing actionable. Let’s face it, if the goal of marketing is to get customers to make a decision in favour of a particular company or product. Then you need to understand the decision-making process, if you want to lead customers to a particular decision as quickly as possible.

So, over the last 10 years I’ve been making it my mission to develop metrics that give you the insight you need to tap into your customers non-conscious. I focus on finding out what drives audience attention and knowing how to remove their barriers to purchase. And, it’s all been rather successful.

Just look at what my clients have to say!

With Jillian's help I changed one thing in my Instagram content and got over 200% more interaction - this stuff works.

Shona GuthrieJewellery Designer

Jillian is an absolute star in social intelligence. Her approach to generating insights is creative, innovative and most importantly, effective. You cannot afford not having her on your side!

Nikolaos DimitridasAuthor and Neuroscientist

Jillian's understanding of people science is utterly captivating. If you need to understand your people, Jillian is the person to trust with your data.

Nicole MatejicFounder and CEO - Info Ops Hq

I’ve seen FTSE 100 companies use my models to improve their products and increase their retention, helped public services to make their marketing spend work harder, and worked with agencies to win them more pitches from behavioural insights they didn’t already know.

I achieved all this by prioritising the interpretation of social data without overwhelming my client with reams of reports.

But what about the science, Dr Jillian?!

Hold onto your hats (and your brains). All this works because of the science.

Science shows that our non-conscious drives most of our decision-making, and that our thinking is home to a host of different behavioural triggers and biases. In marketing and sales, the magic happens when you help your customer along their journey by meeting their brains non-conscious needs.

So, I’ve used my expertise in decision and behavioural sciences to identify the social media conversations that hold subtle (and some not so subtle) signals into what drives behaviour - I even have a whole PhD in it!

I’ve created over fifty metrics to give you the insight that tells you about your audience’s motivations, their decision-making style, their memory maps (yup, your brain uses memories to make decisions about the future), and how they feel about your brand and your communications.

It’s all about getting the right elements to create brain based communications that make it easier for customers to make decisions. Even big decisions.

How can I help you?

I’m glad you asked. Me and my team work across a broad range of industries bringing our expert knowledge on customer decision making. We can analyse social data to find out how your audience makes decisions or we can help you make sense of the data you’re already collecting from a behavioural perspective. Hell, we can even come and train you on what we do or get your team to open up to a new way of thinking.

You’ll be surprised and most importantly, you’ll learn the power of data, without the vanity metrics.

For marketers who don’t do hunches.

I Want to Work Together


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