Turning Insight into Action: Brandwatch Vizia 2

Today my friends down at Brandwatch are launching their new product Vizia 2.  This is a product that helps you to communicate insights across your enterprise.

A data-driven communication platform, if you will…

The team down at Brandwatch believe that the Vizia platform is reinventing how people and data connect.  I think we can all agree that it can sometimes be challenging to get your insights to be adopted across whole organisations.  No one wants to read a 50 page report… So, to be able to bring the voice of your customer and real-time marketing insight into every part of your organisation is a bonus.

Follow the link for a sneaky peak a what Vizia 2 has to offer.  What about these images, though…




So, what does Vizia 2 do?

The good folks down at Branwatch tell me you’ll be able to…

Digitally transform

Equip leadership with a high-profile platform to bring the voice of the customer and speed of the market into the organization, in a massively scalable, rapidly deployable and secure architecture.

Reach every employee, everywhere

Use eye-grabbing visualizations on screens in every shared space and meeting room around your enterprise to broadcast action-provoking data. Right now.

Empower analysts to tell data-driven stories

Give analysts the powerful platform they need to drive smarter decision making on the frontlines and in C-suites, with a rich set of visualizations that allow them to tell important stories, quickly.

Of course this has many organisational benefits including:


Revolutionize how big data and people connect across your whole Enterprise

  • Bring the voice of your customer and real-time market insights into every aspect of your organization – every room, in every office, in every building, worldwide.
  • Positively drive the culture of your organization to be more responsive and customer-centric in a context of digital disruption.
  • Go beyond PDFs and PowerPoint – use rich dynamic visualizations to grab the attention of decision makers and employees to better transfer insight.

Increase ROI by driving better decisions and outcomes

  • Use the power of visual data to get more people to take action on insights – from C-suite to frontline employees.
  • By increasing internal reach and engagement, lift total ROI by using the Vizia platform to amplify the value of existing investments in data, insights & analytics technologies.
  • React and respond – from always-on opportunities to command centers in crises and tent pole occasions.

Wow stakeholders

  • Impress leadership, stakeholders and external VIPs
  • Highlight innovation with a wow factor that creates talking points
  • Fully control what information gets distributed through the organization and how…

Features, Features, Features

So, Brandwatch tell me this is what you’re going to get from Vizia 2 to help you dive better decisions from your data.

The Hub

Best-in-class command console gives complete control over your Vizia deployment.

Control and manage what is being shown where at any moment – intuitive drag-and-drop interface gives your people the ability to edit and refresh screens, constantly sharing compelling insights.

The Vizia Framework

Bring in the data you need and display it beautifully – supply chain data, customer data, web analytics data. Anything is possible with the Vizia Framework – in-house or consultancy Javascript developers can quickly build custom apps to allow your to mix, match and visualize your internal data.

The richest visualizations on the planet

Vizia 2 comes with a rich storyboarding toolkit of Tiles including image-rich Featured Content, the SalesForce Tile for bringing reporting to life on big screens, and the cutting-edge Network Visualization bringing a dynamic 3D view of the networked conversation around the topic that matters most to your audience.

Brandwatch Vizia 2 – A Data Driven Communication Platform.