The Pain of Creating Visual Content: Can Visme Ease the Pain?

It’s that time again, I’ve put it off for long enough, and it’s now come to the point where I NEED to turn my insight into a presentation.

It’s a task I do not like completing.

It’s a task that seems to drain the energy from my very soul.

The cursor is flashing on an empty Powerpoint document, and I’m feeling the need to go and make myself a cup of tea.

The trouble is, the document is starts so blank.  I’m sitting here for what seems like divine inspiration to hit me on how this presentation should look visually.

It doesn’t hit so I feel another cup of tea is in order.

It’s an endless cycle of crying inside that I’m not a designer and drinking cups of tea until the job is done.

That is until next time…. And the cycle starts again.


The Solution to My Pain?

I loath making presentations.  They are the one part of my job I could do without.  But presentations and other visuals are an essential part of my business, and I’m always looking for something cost and time effective to help ease this pain.

This is where Visme stepped in.

Visme 1

Knowing my hate towards presentation creation and feeling like they could actually help me make better presentations, infographics, and other visual content, the guys down at Visme asked me to try out their online software.


Introducing Visme

Visme is positioned as an easy to use online tool allowing anyone to create amazing infographics and presentations.  Where you can publish them online, keep them private, embed into a site or download to use offline.


Visme believes that they are different because:

  • You can create more than just one type of content. It’s the multi-tool of visual content, great for infographics and presentations.
  • The tool requires no coding or design experience (yay).
  • The tool is intuitive and easy to use with a range of features and personalised content.
  • The tool gives you a great starting point to create presentations.
  • You can add interactivity and animation to any object.

When I was introduced to the tool, I thought yay; I don’t have to sit and wait for the gods to help me with the design of my presentation!

Assistance with design and effectively communicating my insight are the main reasons why I chose to try out Visme.  If they could take the pain away from this and possibly cut down on the time taken (and tea consumed) to make a presentation, they would be a winner for me.


My Experience of Visme

 On the whole, my experience with Visme was positive.  I feel like my slide designs are cleaner and more visually impactful as I found it easier to design than when I work with Powerpoint.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 08.57.50



Visme Example


I’ve yet to use Visme for an infographic; I tend to pay a designer for this job because I feel it takes a specialist skill.  Having said that, Visme offer a series of templates to help you along your way.  For me, these templates could be helpful in some of the reports I produce.

Visme 2


Design Inspiration

As I said, design inspiration is the main reason I tried out Visme.  I’m all about making better-designed slides, but I just don’t have the creative inspiration or technical ability to make good visuals without a little help!

Visme does offer a series of templates to help with design, but I found it difficult to mix and match between designed decks.  There were some slides in one deck that I liked and slide designs in another, but I found it difficult to mix and match the designs without having to make them myself.

There is the option to save slides to a slide library, but I found when you do that you cannot download those slides in a new deck, you have to use them live.  I found this a bit restricting when you want to send PDF’s of slides!

I’ve also noted that they have quite a lot of infographic designs, I’ve not had a chance to use them yet, but I smell a few infographics in my future!



Visme has a large bank of images and icons in build it, across 20 different categories, it takes away some of the pain of trying to source images.  Should you wish to use your own, there is an upload function to create your own library.

I found the assets cut down on the time I spent looking for icons, and it’s just drag and drop into the presentation.  I’m pretty big on user interfaces and ease of design, so I was pretty happy being able to add different assets to the slides and move them around as needed.

Although there is a very large repository for images and icons, I feel there could be more as I struggled a couple of time to find a sufficient icon.


Create Slide Decks

I enjoyed using Visme and found it easier to create a deck that I want people to see than I would on Powerpoint.

You can download the slides to use offline, in PDF, images or with any animation attached.  I found that if I had made a slide in the slide library or tried to share slides between presentations that the slide wouldn’t display in the download.

This was a bit of a killer and isn’t really a time saver but because I enjoyed the Visme experience I stuck with the software.



I used Visme during a workshop recently, and the slide was clean, professional and looked good.  I think I made better slides here than when I do with powerpoint.  The only other thing that annoyed me a little was the large delay when I was using airdrop on my Mac; we had to revert to connecting the laptop straight to the presenting screen.  Not a massive issue but it is a bit annoying.

I’ll be using Visme again and taking on the challenge of creating my own infographics and other online images **coming to a workshop near you soon**.