For marketers who
don’t do hunches.

“So marketers don’t have to make hunches,
I analyse data to find out how their customers make decisions.”

Dr Jillian Ney
Behavioural Scientist

Audience research that’s actionable

Social Listening meets Behavioural Science (aka the stuff of dreams for marketing, insight and product people).

Social data is great, but you’ve got to know how to use it.

Forget everything you thought you knew about social media listening. Interpretation is what makes data useful, not word clouds or clever graphs. I don’t just collect data, I understand what it’s really telling us about your customers. And use it to get results.

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Gone are the days of working on hunches.

It’s all about knowing what makes your audience tick.

That’s why I focus on analysing social media data to find the subtle signals about your audience that matter most to your marketing success. Think decision-making, associations, motivations, brand experience and brand resonance. It’s everything you need to make behavioural science work for you.

About Dr Jillian

Behavioural Scientist

Hello *waves*. I'm Dr Jillian, the UK's first Dr of Social Media and a Behavioural Scientist, Author, and Speaker. I help marketers to stop working on hunches by analysing data to find out how their customers make decisions. It's everything you need to create customer driven campaigns, content, and products. And, even insights on how to improve conversions.

Marking your own homework is dangerous territory.

Using analytics to measure your performance? It’s a great start. But you’re only ever measuring something you’ve already done – you’re marking your own homework!

By looking at your data a little differently we can find out where you're wasting your marketing spend, and what you need to do to fix it.

For marketers who don’t do hunches.

Working with DRJN means we’re not making assumptions about our potential customers – with Jillian's help we know who our customers are, what drives their behaviour and how to create experiences to meet their needs.

Stephanie Pickerill Head of Marketing - MoneyTailor

Working with DRJN has helped the Research & Insights team at City Football really understand the power of social data and has given us valuable insight into the behaviour and attitudes of our fans around the world.

Andrew GilliganHead of Research and Insights - City Football

We have worked with Jillian and her team on several complex projects. Even with large amounts of data, Jillian’s insights were easy to understand – and most importantly, were used to guide our product development.

Henry DoeDirector - Point Design

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