Make Your Social Tools
Work Harder.

“I help brands get value from their social data by showing them
how to interpret the data and action the insight.”

Dr Jillian Ney
UK’s First Dr of Social Media & Digital Behavioural Scientist

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Feeling frustrated with your social listening tools?

You’re not alone. The good news is that there's usually a very easy fix to make your analysis easier, to get your insight faster and make social listening worth your time.

Social tools are great, but you've got to know how to work the data.

Getting actionable insight from social data takes a little bit more work than just picking up a tool. To quickly get social insights that are more than 'nice to know' you need a tested method to segment, analyse and interpret the data.

Over the last ten years, I've developed a system that does exactly that. Now I'm helping brands to use this system, make their social tools work harder and get the insight they couldn't find before.

Hello *Waves*. I'm Dr Jillian.

I'm the UK's first Dr of Social Media and a Digital Behavioural Scientist. For over ten years I've been analysing social data to find insights into how people make decisions. I now use this knowledge to help brands to make their social data work harder for them and turn noisy social chat into actionable marketing intelligence quickly. And, of course, making sure they're getting ROI on their social tool investments too.

Workshops to Inspire.

Been thinking that there's more you could be doing with your social data?

Then I have a workshop for you. Workshops to inspire you to think differently. Workshops to introduce the metrics that can help you get actionable insight quickly. Workshops to teach you how to interpret social data.

Training that creates action.

Bespoke training that gives you the confidence [and processes] to analyse social data and generate actionable insights no matter the question asked.

Working with DRJN means we’re not making assumptions about our potential customers – with Jillian's help we know who our customers are, what drives their behaviour and how to create experiences to meet their needs.

Stephanie Pickerill Head of Marketing - MoneyTailor

Working with DRJN has helped the Research & Insights team at City Football really understand the power of social data and has given us valuable insight into the behaviour and attitudes of our fans around the world.

Andrew GilliganHead of Research and Insights - City Football

We have worked with Jillian and her team on several complex projects. Even with large amounts of data, Jillian’s insights were easy to understand – and most importantly, were used to guide our product development.

Henry DoeDirector - Point Design

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